Fun and Wild Color Hair

Fun and Wild Color Hair

Changing your look can be fun and refreshing. We all need to try new things and experiment with our looks to gain new perspectives on ourselves. A good way to do this to change our hair color and have fun with it.

Box dyes are the obvious. But these can be harmful and damaging to you hair and scalp. The chemicals needed to let the dye penetrate the hair follicle can produce dry, damaged hair that can take weeks to repair through intensive conditioning treatments. Plus, box dyes should only be used every 6 to 8 weeks at the most. This does not fare well with changing your color often.

A better solution would be to use non-permanent color options. Recently, using color chalk for hair has become popular and affordable. A simple, one day application will allow you to have fun and go back to your original look with just a quick hair wash. These chalks usually come in compact-like containers that you simply slide down your hair, and voila! Instant, bright and fun color.

Another way would be to use cool aide packs. This would yield a longer lasting color. Prepare the drink mix into a bowl large enough for you to dip your hair into. Section off your hair for easier handling. Dip hair and pat dry with paper towels. You may want to wrap your hair in an old towel in order to avoid the dye from ending up on clothes or counter tops.

Have fun with your hair in a safe and easy way.



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