Linger, the fragrance primer, makes your perfume last longer.

Linger, the fragrance primer, makes your perfume last longer.

The name is revealing. Linger is a fragrance primer that promises to make your perfume last longer.  This sounds like a great plan, especially if you’re planning to spend $50 or $100 on a fragrance-you definitively want it to stay for a while. 

Sometimes external factors such as storage environment and even a dry skin can also affect how long your perfume lasts. The immediate solution to this issue would be carrying a small bottle of your fragrance around to refresh your scent from time to time. 

Introducing Linger, a primer formulated to extend the life of your perfume while on your skin. This product prevents your own skin from altering the fragrance of your perfume.  

How does it work

When you apply perfume to your skin, there are some inherent in your skin aspects that will change the fragrance. There is chemistry involved as your perfume will mix with your body hormones and skin chemistry. These aspects can change during the day depending on your mood and your activity. 

In other words, we all have our own sort of odor cocktail.  This might eventually mask the smell of your perfume, forcing you to reapply.  But the primer solves that problem.  

What Linger does is provide sustainability of every scent. A fine matrix of silicone fibers helps create a thin invisible shield that captures scent on the skin.  The product has been tested and it effectively makes the perfume stronger and longer lasting. 


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