Three ways to use milk for skin care

Three ways to use milk for skin care

For the most part, there isn’t a ton of overlap between the grocery and whole body sections of the supermarket. However, ask beauty experts and they’ll tell you that there’s a perfectly good skin care product hiding in the grocery department – milk.


That’s right, milk.


Here are three ways that milk can serve as an effective at-home skincare product:




AHA (or alpha hydroxy acid) is a key ingredient in exfoliants from trusted brands like Kiehl’s, philosophy, and Neutrogena. One example of an AHA is lactic acid. Using cotton or a washcloth to apply milk to the skin will serve as a mild and gentle exfoliant without the harsh irritation of coarser options.


Skin Softener:


Milk’s abilities as a skin softener have been known for literally centuries dating back to Cleopatra and her famed milk baths. That wasn’t just errant olden day folk wisdom, either. Milk baths really can soften skin. As One Good Thing details, adding a mixture of four parts powdered milk, one part cornstarch, and one part baking soda to your next hot bath can be a low-effort, high-reward treat for your skin.


Foot Bath:


Though gentle enough for use on your face, milk can also be a key ingredient in a soothing and restorative footbath. Dematocare suggests combining a half-cup of milk, five tablespoons of oats, and five tablespoons of coconut and allowing your feet to soak for at least 10-15 minutes. This preps the feet for normal exfoliation with a pumice stone.


There’s a time and place for using professional, chemical products but next time you’re looking to do some DIY pampering, don’t forget the dairy aisle.


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