Nail Art at home

Nail Art at home

Dressing your nails is big on the fashion circuit these days. Almost everyone is trying new and different things that can set them apart from the crowd. The nail is not only simple but can also appear ornamental for your hands with simple strokes of genius. Here are some tips to get you started on your nails.

Clean your nails
The first step is to follow the basic cleaning procedures like trimming your nails and filing it for a neater look. However, be sure to keep some length intact to have more area to work on. For added gloss and neatness, add a base coat that is either absolutely transparent or has a bluish tint.

Begin the work
This is when your hands are ready to start the initial designing. Paint the tips of your nails with different color. For a dramatic touch, color one of the nails with a different shade, mostly the ring finger. You can also add a sticker or jewel to your nails for a heavy duty appearance. You can also add some loose glitter with the nail paint and get the glitter effect.

Give the final touches
There are so many designs to experiment with. Get your creativity ball rolling or take help from hundreds and thousands of videos online to get a design inspiration. Once you have the design you want, it is time to give some final touches to it. You can work the look by covering the design with a base coat or for more catchiness use clear nail pain with glitter. This is the best way to add sparkles to your design. These simple steps will help you ‘nail’ the look you want for the party tonight!


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