Dia Mirza’s wardrobe

Dia Mirza’s wardrobe

We all probably know that it is a law for stars to never wear the same dress twice. This goes against what we mortals have to live with.  For starters, unlike celebrities, we are not getting paid to use a dress; we actually have to pay for it.  

But walking into Dia Mirza's closet is actually an adventure and a learning experience. In a legendary interview, the Bollywood actress showed us five ways to wear one dress, and it was great! 

Mirza shares ways to effectively repeat a gown without people even noticing. In a video for PINKVILLA, the gorgeous actress is wearing a casual tan dress with a V-shaped neckline and she explains tips and tricks to turn it into different looks. 

Airport look

Put on simple black pumps, which are comfortable and useful for the long walk inside the airport. Place a black jacket over the tan dress to help cope with the chill in the airport.  Add a belt to highlight the waist.  You could use some silver earrings or a pair of large rings. You can carry a large black bag. 

Beach look

Take off the flats, keep the same dress, and bring in some accessories to kill it at the beach.  Put on some nice colorful bracelets and some colorful flower earrings. The beach bag is important so hang it on your shoulder. Clip some flower pins in your hair. You can pick up a nice inexpensive pair of light tan-colored beach sandals. 

Office look

To go from beach to office, you will do it in seconds.  Remove all the beach accessories and start with the same dress. To give it an office look, pick a long linen shrug and place it over the dress and wrap with a thin belt to help draw in the waist. Wear medium heels in the same color as the shrug.


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