How Should You Care for Your Skin After Laser Therapy?

How Should You Care for Your Skin After Laser Therapy?

Planning on having a laser therapy in the near future? Here’s what’s important to do after the therapy to avoid discomfort and allow your skin to heal properly and quickly. 

Wearing a Sunscreen 

In general, sunscreen is good for your skin, and especially good and extremely important after a laser treatment. Skin that has just been exposed to laser treatment is especially sensitive and prone to accelerated darkening or, as in most cases, burning, if exposed to direct sun 


Avoiding Heat Treatments 

As you are finished with your laser treatment, the personnel at the clinic or the hospital will tell you not to shower for the next 48 hours, and you should definitely follow that advice. Showers will expose the lazered skin area to heat.  

When exposed to heat, the skin pores will open and the skin could become itchy and you might experience irritation or discomfort. You should also avoid saunas, steam rooms, and hot baths. 


Avoiding Topical Medications and Makeup  

Two important things should be avoided after a laser treatment - topical medications on the treated area, and wearing makeup. Your treated skin needs to breath and by using atopic medications or makeup, you will clog up the pores, which can lead to skin infection. 


Relieving Yourself from Discomfort 

A day or two after the laser treatment, the treated skin area can feel slightly uncomfortable or sore, which is completely normal and there’s no need to panic. What you can do to ease the discomfort is apply ice packs to the treated skin and cool it down.  

You can use calming post-care and numbing crèmes, but just make sure your doctor agrees first and explains which solutions to use and how. 




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