Tips that will make you more attractive to the opposite sex

Tips that will make you more attractive to the opposite sex

Fashion and accessories are used for two reasons. The first is to feel nice by wearing them and the second is that other people notice you. Although, many people deny this second reason, we know it is true! During time people find their style and start using it all the time. Well, there are several tips on how to ‘’improve’’ your style, so men or women start paying more attention to you.

As you may assume, the best way to achieve that is wearing an interesting cloths. Some that, will make you more noticeable. I don’t mean short skirts and etc. For example, men like a woman wearing a long slim dress. The favorite dresses are in black, red and white color. Other colors aren’t very popular. On the other side, woman like seeing a man wearing a leather jacket or suit. This gives away impression that he is a successful businessman or a macho man!

Wearing a watch is more important than you may think, especially for men. Women want to see a man wearing a nice watch! Don’t think that any kind of watch is good! Only big and ‘’muscular’’ watchers are desirable. Men don’t pay too much attention to women’s watches. It is a much better solution to wear some nice necklace! If it is shiny and long, men will notice you immediately!

Glasses have the same effect on both genders. Glasses for vision leave an impression that you are an intelligent person. Sun glasses will tell the world you are an independent person, who knows what she want!



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