Effective Treatment Of A Dry Skin Involves Some Therapy With Eggs And Milk

Effective Treatment Of A Dry Skin Involves Some Therapy With Eggs And Milk

Eggs are the best way to deal with  a dry and scaly skin. They are a rich source of proteins. They are a rich source of glycerin, proline and lycline. 

These are  amino acids quite effective in the producing collagen, which is responsible for the texture of the skin. These amino acids are also responsible for the ability to stretch that the skin has by virtue of the content of elastin.

The important point is that the body's ability to produce collagen and elastin go down decidedly as we grow up. This can be externally manifested  in the form of wrinkles on the skin. Eating eggs is going to supplement the amino acids that are required for proper maintenance of the skin.

Further, eggs are known to contain biotin, a vitamin that is essential to shield against the effects of dry skin. A deficiency of biotin in the diet is known to development of rashes on the skin. Skin creams that boast of being able to moisturizer effectively contain lots of biotin.

Those with an oily skin are believed to develop acne if they take supplements of biotin. But it should be borne in mind that different individuals react in a different manner to biotin. It is best to consult the physician before subscribing to supplements of biotin.

Milk is also going to be an excellent moisturizing agent. Coupled with its anti-inflammatory properties, milk is going to be the best way to relieve a dry patch of skin. It can get quite itchy at times, but milk is sure to relieve all that.



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