19 September, 2023

Mastering the Basics: A Step-by-Step Guide to Everyday Eye Makeup

23 January, 2023

Synthesize the leaves used in Southern remedies to effectively treat melasma

Using this method will help you get rid of melasma completely. Let's find out the types of leaves in the Southern remedies that help treat melasma very effectively below.
22 January, 2023

Misoa's beauty style: The MC's muse

Misoa is a petite MC with honey skin, loose curly hair and a sunny smile. Many people call her the MC's muse because of her ethereal and gentle appearance. Misoa is also a beloved beauty blogger.
22 January, 2023

Share 5 types of blush makeup from experts

If you think there’s only one way to apply blush, that’s not wrong, but it’s not entirely true either. Just like lipstick and eyeliner, blush is […]
21 January, 2023

How much cardio should you do?

Do you try to do cardio continuously because you want to lose weight quickly to have a slimmer body? If you don't find out how much cardio is reasonable, you could be overdoing it and risk getting tired and still not losing the weight you want!
21 January, 2023

How does the Iodine diet work in people with thyroid disease?

How does the Iodine diet work in people with thyroid disease? How not to be nutritionally deficient when following the Iodine diet? Let's find out together!
20 January, 2023

4 short hairstyles that are easy to imitate from Korean stars

Park Eun Bin's wavy, rainy bob hairstyle is suitable for girls who like a cute, cute look, while a middle parted bob like Song Hye Kyo is suitable for women who like a minimalist and luxurious look.
20 January, 2023

Irresistible charm from the classic makeup trend

Retro inspiration revived strongly in the post-pandemic days. The classic is renewed, rejuvenated by combining seemingly contrasting textures and colors, like a silver screen star of today.
19 January, 2023

25 best lipstick tips from professional makeup artists

If you love makeup, you probably have 3 to 10 lipsticks in your purse. There is a reason why we use a lot of lipstick is […]
19 January, 2023

12 simple exercises for people with back pain, easy to apply at home

Maybe you're interested: What do you know about unexplained back pain?
18 January, 2023

10 tips to coordinate with wide leg pants suitable for short people

Wide leg pants are chosen by fashionistas as one of the indispensable items. Instructions on how to coordinate with wide-leg pants for short people.
17 January, 2023

Almonds: Food for health and beauty

Looking for a nut that can benefit your heart, digestive system, skin and hair? What better nut to nominate than almonds?
17 January, 2023

Guide to applying sunscreen – The importance of SPF

When you buy a sunscreen that says SPF 30 on the package, you assume it will protect your skin with SPF 30. In fact, well-protected skin […]
16 January, 2023

TOP 8 effective masks for dry, split ends and damaged hair

If you have dry, brittle and damaged hair, these homemade dry hair mask recipes are sure to help nourish, moisturize and add volume to your hair.
16 January, 2023

How many times a week should I wash my hair to keep my hair healthy?

For healthy hair, how many times a week should be washed is one of many questions many people have. Let's explore this issue together through the following article.
15 January, 2023

Comparing Bakchiol and Retinol in Skin Care Products

Retinol has long been known as a versatile ingredient capable of improving many skin problems, is an active ingredient that is highly appreciated in the skincare […]
12 January, 2023

The secret to being healthy and beautiful every day of the "November beauties"

Do you know what helps the beauties born in November maintain a young and beautiful body and a healthy spirit every day?
12 January, 2023

10 Tips for contouring and highlighting the face with makeup

When it comes to highlighters and contouring, it’s impossible not to mention contours and makeup that accentuate the face, not to mention how to use powder […]
11 January, 2023

5 ways to boil greasy, delicious, nutritious eggs for health

Hard-boiled eggs are an easy and nutritious dish. In fact, there are people who like to eat hard-boiled eggs while some people like to eat soft-boiled eggs because the yolk is melted, pliable, delicious, and the white is soft and attractive. If you are curious about how to boil soft-boiled eggs to get the desired product, do not ignore the information B&S summarizes in the following article.
11 January, 2023

Diet for people with dengue fever during recovery

Dengue fever can leave dangerous complications if not treated promptly and recovered properly. Refer to the diet for people with dengue fever during recovery.
10 January, 2023

Revealing how to "deal" with dry skin around the eyes

The dry, tight skin around the eyes not only makes you feel uncomfortable and lacks confidence, but also causes premature aging with crow’s feet or wrinkles […]
9 January, 2023

Sparkling makeup guide for the year-end festival season

Festive season is when sparkling makeup style takes the throne. In the midst of that "sea" of cosmetics and tutorials, you need to choose wisely to get an outstanding and eye-catching makeup. There are certain guidelines when choosing this type of makeup. First of all, skillfully restrain the sparkle. The next step is to choose the right makeup products.
9 January, 2023

7 makeup and hair trends that will be in vogue this spring

Thinking about the warm sunshine and fresh air of spring makes people want to try new beauty trends this spring. Makeup artist Raisa Flowers has explored […]
8 January, 2023

Should you jog while listening to music?

Music enhances positive emotions such as excitement and joy, and alleviates feelings of stress, fatigue, and lethargy.
8 January, 2023

7 ways to coordinate with fashionable thermal jackets for men and women

Thermal vests are indispensable clothes on cold days. 7 dressing tips for thermal jackets for men and women, warm on the inside, beautiful on the outside.
7 January, 2023

Experts share scientific standard winter sensitive skin care

Sensitive skin should not use cosmetics is a misconception you need to eliminate immediately. This skin, if not restored and cared for properly, will become weaker […]
7 January, 2023

Taiwanese actor lost 10 kg thanks to abstaining from starch

According to Health, actor Miao Kha Le, 51, successfully lost 10 kg in 45 days thanks to abstaining from starch and actively walking and jogging.