20 January, 2023

4 short hairstyles that are easy to imitate from Korean stars

Park Eun Bin's wavy, rainy bob hairstyle is suitable for girls who like a cute, cute look, while a middle parted bob like Song Hye Kyo is suitable for women who like a minimalist and luxurious look.
16 January, 2023

TOP 8 effective masks for dry, split ends and damaged hair

If you have dry, brittle and damaged hair, these homemade dry hair mask recipes are sure to help nourish, moisturize and add volume to your hair.
1 January, 2023

Dandruff after dyeing hair: Causes and home remedies

There are many reasons to dye your hair such as: cover some gray hair, change to have a new look. However, these chemical hair dyes can cause some problems such as: dandruff after dyeing your hair, your hair becomes brittle, brittle and dry. In addition, hair dye also makes the scalp itchy, and easy to peel.
31 December, 2022

8 hair care tips from experts

Hairstylist Steve Rowbottom advises on how to use conditioners and conditioners to make hair smooth and strong.
19 December, 2022

Signs of sunburned hair and how to protect hair from damage in the summer sun

The sun is the "refiner" of the skin and hair. Sunburn, frizz and split ends can happen if you don't know how to protect your hair from the effects of the sun.
7 December, 2022

Baldness due to frequent buns like Hailey Bieber

Many beauty followers confess to losing their hair after applying Hailey Bieber's favorite bun hairstyle.
5 December, 2022

7 ways to treat an oily scalp to help reduce greasy, smooth hair despite the hot sun

Although you wash your hair every morning, but by the end of the day, your hair starts to become sticky due to sweat from the scalp.
30 November, 2022

Why is My Tam's hair standing up like a crown?

Hair exposed to many chemicals is often dry and lighter than usual, and the dry weather causes static electricity to appear, making the hair of My Tam and Ha Anh Tuan stand up on stage.
24 November, 2022

6 golden benefits for hair when steaming hair oil

Step 4:
20 November, 2022

Why is the scalp dry and flaky in winter? Effective treatment

In winter, the scalp is prone to dryness and flaking. This can affect aesthetics, refer to effective treatment.
14 November, 2022

Head sweating in adults and how to fix it

Sweating your head when eating, sleeping or under stress... can be a warning sign of some dangerous health problems. So what are these diseases and how are they treated?
8 November, 2022

Telling you 5 effective ways to treat dandruff with aloe vera you may not know

The 5 ways to treat dandruff with aloe vera below will help you "fly away" those annoying dandruff flakes, giving you impressively smooth hair! Let's find out now!
2 November, 2022

TOP 6 ways to treat dandruff with beer are incredibly effective

Dandruff is a dilemma for sufferers. If not treated, dandruff will lead to a series of hair problems such as: hair loss, itchy scalp, etc. Do you know how to treat dandruff with beer?
31 October, 2022

Note when using dry shampoo

Besides the risk of benzene in some spray-on dry shampoos, how often you use these products is something to consider as they don't clean your hair like regular shampoos do.
26 October, 2022

3+ ways to treat scalp fungus at home quickly

You can see more: Top safe, effective, easy-to-find and best baby bath leaves
26 October, 2022

The beauty of a series of Miss Vietnam when wearing the same short hairstyle

Miss Do Thi Ha and Tran Tieu Vy were confused with each other when the same bob hairstyle was in vogue.
26 October, 2022

Kate Winslet uses a hairspray for 25 years

Kate Winslet said she used to steal her mother's hairspray to use when she was a baby and loved it even when she became a famous actress.
26 October, 2022

Japanese dancer 17 years without a haircut

Rin Kambe, 42 years old, living in Tokyo, Japan is 1.65 m tall but has 2.1 m long hair and has not been trimmed for the past 17 years.
26 October, 2022

7 habits that make hair gray quickly

The more you worry about the problem of gray hair, the more your hair tends to be damaged, quickly gray, less strong due to hormone disorders, hindering blood circulation.
26 October, 2022

Favorite hairstyle reveals owner's personality

With more than 25 years of experience, hairstylist Jon Hala - who has worked with many celebrities in Hollywood - has shown the correlation between hairstyle and personality.
26 October, 2022

Three habits to help Ah Sa keep her hair healthy and beautiful

Due to the nature of her job, she often has to dye her hair and style her hair, so Thai Trac Nghien pays great attention to nourishing and massaging the scalp to limit damage to the hair.
26 October, 2022

'First generation hot girl' Mi Van sat for 9 hours doing a hot trend hairstyle

In order to have a trendy hairstyle, mother of two Mi Van is ready to sit for nearly 10 hours doing her hair.
26 October, 2022

5 times not to wash your hair

Washing hair after 9pm can cause headaches, vestibular disorders, long-term leading to chronic headaches.
26 October, 2022

5 tips to 'rescue' oily hair

Using oil-absorbing paper, dry shampoo or styling braids, buns are effective ways to hide greasy hair.
26 October, 2022

The habit of washing the hair of the villagers with the longest hair in the world

The women in Huanglou village have a habit of washing their hair with sticky rice water, which helps their hair receive many beneficial nutrients, so it is healthy, beautiful and shiny.
26 October, 2022

8 expert tips for healthy hair

Expert Thomas Taw guides 4 steps to salon-standard shampoo and tips to check the health of your hair to find the right care method.
26 October, 2022

Hoang Oanh cut her hair to donate to cancer patients

After three years of long and careful care, MC Hoang Oanh cut 25 cm of her hair to give to cancer patients, happily accepting short hair.