16 January, 2023

TOP 8 effective masks for dry, split ends and damaged hair

If you have dry, brittle and damaged hair, these homemade dry hair mask recipes are sure to help nourish, moisturize and add volume to your hair.
1 January, 2023

Dandruff after dyeing hair: Causes and home remedies

There are many reasons to dye your hair such as: cover some gray hair, change to have a new look. However, these chemical hair dyes can cause some problems such as: dandruff after dyeing your hair, your hair becomes brittle, brittle and dry. In addition, hair dye also makes the scalp itchy, and easy to peel.
19 December, 2022

Signs of sunburned hair and how to protect hair from damage in the summer sun

The sun is the "refiner" of the skin and hair. Sunburn, frizz and split ends can happen if you don't know how to protect your hair from the effects of the sun.
5 December, 2022

7 ways to treat an oily scalp to help reduce greasy, smooth hair despite the hot sun

Although you wash your hair every morning, but by the end of the day, your hair starts to become sticky due to sweat from the scalp.
24 November, 2022

6 golden benefits for hair when steaming hair oil

Step 4:
20 November, 2022

Why is the scalp dry and flaky in winter? Effective treatment

In winter, the scalp is prone to dryness and flaking. This can affect aesthetics, refer to effective treatment.
14 November, 2022

Head sweating in adults and how to fix it

Sweating your head when eating, sleeping or under stress... can be a warning sign of some dangerous health problems. So what are these diseases and how are they treated?
8 November, 2022

Telling you 5 effective ways to treat dandruff with aloe vera you may not know

The 5 ways to treat dandruff with aloe vera below will help you "fly away" those annoying dandruff flakes, giving you impressively smooth hair! Let's find out now!
2 November, 2022

TOP 6 ways to treat dandruff with beer are incredibly effective

Dandruff is a dilemma for sufferers. If not treated, dandruff will lead to a series of hair problems such as: hair loss, itchy scalp, etc. Do you know how to treat dandruff with beer?
26 October, 2022

3+ ways to treat scalp fungus at home quickly

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25 October, 2022

6 great ways to treat dandruff with lemon, fly away clinging dandruff

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25 October, 2022

What to drink early gray hair? 6 drinks to help black hair shine

Because the cells lose the pigment melanin, the hair is no longer the characteristic black color. Premature graying of hair can appear even in adolescence. Certain foods and drinks can aid in the restoration of black hair in people with premature graying of hair. So what to drink early gray hair?
25 October, 2022

What to eat to stop gray hair, return youth?

Instead of having to dye your hair black for all of your hair, try adding the following 12 foods to help black hair shine and reverse the process of gray hair. Let's learn with Hello Bacsi what to eat to stop gray hair through the article below!
25 October, 2022

Potential risks when pulling gray hair not everyone knows

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25 October, 2022

5 recipes for exfoliating the scalp at home to reduce greasy hair – prevent excess oil

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25 October, 2022

6 simple ways to treat dandruff with coconut oil to help dry and clean scalp

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25 October, 2022

3 ways to care for curled hair while sleeping is incredibly easy at home!

Curly hair is easily tangled and difficult to manage the next morning because the night before you slept on the hair follicles. This makes you take a lot of time to edit your hair neatly. Hello Bacsi invites you to learn how to take care of curls while sleeping so that your hair will be easier to manage the next morning!
25 October, 2022

Treatment of hair loss with PRP

Hair loss in clusters makes you worry after every hair wash. There are many hair loss treatments available today. Treatment of hair loss with prp technology is one of the advanced methods to help activate inactive hair follicles, from which hair regrows naturally to help you regain confidence with your hair. So what is PRP treatment for hair loss? The notes after PRP treatment for hair?
25 October, 2022

5 ways to make hair black again after dyeing

Many people because of their personal preferences or after dyeing their hair but their hair does not turn out to be as beautiful as they want, should find a way to make their hair black again after dyeing. Let's learn some ways to fade dyed hair safely at home through the article below!
25 October, 2022

Instructions for washing hair with rice water to make hair smooth

Washing your hair with rice water is a simple and effective traditional hair care method. For strong hair, you can take advantage of home ingredients to naturally beautiful hair like rice water. So how to effectively wash your hair with rice water?
25 October, 2022

How to brew hair with beer at home is simple to make hair smooth

Brewing hair with beer is an effective hair care method but not many people know about it. Because beer contains a number of ingredients that are beneficial for the hair. So are there ways to brew hair with beer at home for effective and simple hair?
25 October, 2022

Nourishing shampoos are popular. Should you choose?

Nourishing hair shampoo is a favorite experience for many people, especially women. Depending on the spa, the treatment of nourishing hair is different, but in general, thanks to the massage process and the use of natural herbal ingredients, the nourishing shampoo is popular.
25 October, 2022

Men's beard and things to know

Men's beard is a unique attraction, showing the style and elegance of men. However, not everyone knows about the growth and effects of male beard.
25 October, 2022

The reason why beard grows fast

The average beard growth rate is 0.27 mm per day. However, this can vary from person to person, with some people having a faster beard growth rate. Some men can grow their beards quickly, some can't. So what is the cause?
25 October, 2022

How to grow beards, nourish healthy shiny hair for men

Why do so many people like to grow a beard? It can be said that a beautiful and neat beard and hair not only creates masculinity […]