22 January, 2023

Misoa's beauty style: The MC's muse

Misoa is a petite MC with honey skin, loose curly hair and a sunny smile. Many people call her the MC's muse because of her ethereal and gentle appearance. Misoa is also a beloved beauty blogger.
22 January, 2023

Share 5 types of blush makeup from experts

If you think there’s only one way to apply blush, that’s not wrong, but it’s not entirely true either. Just like lipstick and eyeliner, blush is […]
20 January, 2023

Irresistible charm from the classic makeup trend

Retro inspiration revived strongly in the post-pandemic days. The classic is renewed, rejuvenated by combining seemingly contrasting textures and colors, like a silver screen star of today.
19 January, 2023

25 best lipstick tips from professional makeup artists

If you love makeup, you probably have 3 to 10 lipsticks in your purse. There is a reason why we use a lot of lipstick is […]
17 January, 2023

Almonds: Food for health and beauty

Looking for a nut that can benefit your heart, digestive system, skin and hair? What better nut to nominate than almonds?
17 January, 2023

Guide to applying sunscreen – The importance of SPF

When you buy a sunscreen that says SPF 30 on the package, you assume it will protect your skin with SPF 30. In fact, well-protected skin […]
12 January, 2023

The secret to being healthy and beautiful every day of the "November beauties"

Do you know what helps the beauties born in November maintain a young and beautiful body and a healthy spirit every day?
12 January, 2023

10 Tips for contouring and highlighting the face with makeup

When it comes to highlighters and contouring, it’s impossible not to mention contours and makeup that accentuate the face, not to mention how to use powder […]
9 January, 2023

Sparkling makeup guide for the year-end festival season

Festive season is when sparkling makeup style takes the throne. In the midst of that "sea" of cosmetics and tutorials, you need to choose wisely to get an outstanding and eye-catching makeup. There are certain guidelines when choosing this type of makeup. First of all, skillfully restrain the sparkle. The next step is to choose the right makeup products.
9 January, 2023

7 makeup and hair trends that will be in vogue this spring

Thinking about the warm sunshine and fresh air of spring makes people want to try new beauty trends this spring. Makeup artist Raisa Flowers has explored […]
7 January, 2023

Taiwanese actor lost 10 kg thanks to abstaining from starch

According to Health, actor Miao Kha Le, 51, successfully lost 10 kg in 45 days thanks to abstaining from starch and actively walking and jogging.
5 January, 2023

7 skin care ingredients to avoid in acne treatment

Have you ever had acne-prone skin girls in a situation where they clearly bought very good and reputable skin care products, everyone praised them all, but when they used them, they made the situation worse?
5 January, 2023

Makeup tutorial by expert Matin Maulawizada

About the Expert: New York-based makeup artist Matin Maulawizada has done makeup for celebrities including Mandy Moore, Claire Danes and Tracee Ellis Ross. You’ll probably find […]
2 January, 2023

Tang Duy – The beauty of the phoenix reborn from the ashes

Overcoming the heavyweights, Thang Duy became the 43rd Best Actress in the Blue Dragon Awards for her role as Seo Rae in "Decision to Leave". This is the spectacular rebirth of the phoenix Thang Duy after 15 years of trouble.
2 January, 2023

11 Fashion trends that will prevail this fall and winter

What are the fashion trends for this year’s fall and winter colors? What should you wear to parties at restaurants, to work and out with friends? […]
30 December, 2022

The quintessential fashion scents converge

September is the most exciting and important time of the fashion world. Let's join Beauty & Style 365 to choose 5 typical models and scents that capture their souls.
30 December, 2022

6 yoga exercises to help you relax and have a good night's sleep

Many of us find it difficult to fall asleep and sometimes toss and turn while trying to catch up on sleep. Various studies indicate that more […]
27 December, 2022

Pairs of interchangeable substances that scientific skin care enthusiasts should know

Same skin problem, same use, but thanks to the development of science, we have many ingredients and active ingredients born to satisfy more and more users as well as satisfy the passion of customers. skin care fanatics.
27 December, 2022

13 Y2K Beauty Trends Of K-Pop Stars

The Y2K wave has officially taken over the entire fashion and beauty trend today. Cute and colorful tunes from Seoul, Korea and music videos of popular […]
25 December, 2022

72-year-old grandmother practices all kinds of subjects to stay young

Ms. Keiko can masterly perform subjects from gymnastics, weightlifting to sexy dance, ballet, aerial ring dance, flying yoga... even though she is at an old age.
23 December, 2022

The fierce battle between two beauties in the movie "The Little Mermaid" live action version

Dissatisfaction with a black mermaid has led the public to entice other female actors, especially Jessica Alexander, into a reluctant rivalry with Halle Bailey.
23 December, 2022

Suggest foods for each skin type

A healthy, nutritious diet is the foundation of healthy skin. Everyone has a unique skin type, partly genetic and partly environmental, and there are different foods […]
20 December, 2022

3 shades of brown hair dye suitable for dark skin

When the festive season is approaching, what should dark-skinned girls who want to "change a new color" for their hair?
20 December, 2022

Fashion on the red carpet Met Gala 2021

The most famous faces in the fashion world arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday night for the fashion industry's party: the Met Gala.
17 December, 2022

If you have PCOS due to hormonal disorders, how should you take care of your skin?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) creates many factors that hinder the beauty process. Women need to focus more on beauty ingredients to make the skin care process more effective.
16 December, 2022

The best hairstyles and makeup from Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week comes and goes with some of the best hair and makeup looks of the year.
13 December, 2022

Revealing the secret of stars' lipstick

Making lipstick seems to be a simple thing, but it is not simple at all. To enhance your beauty, you need to have some special lipstick techniques on hand.