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22 January, 2023

Share 5 types of blush makeup from experts

If you think there’s only one way to apply blush, that’s not wrong, but it’s not entirely true either. Just like lipstick and eyeliner, blush is […]
19 January, 2023

25 best lipstick tips from professional makeup artists

If you love makeup, you probably have 3 to 10 lipsticks in your purse. There is a reason why we use a lot of lipstick is […]
17 January, 2023

Guide to applying sunscreen – The importance of SPF

When you buy a sunscreen that says SPF 30 on the package, you assume it will protect your skin with SPF 30. In fact, well-protected skin […]
12 January, 2023

10 Tips for contouring and highlighting the face with makeup

When it comes to highlighters and contouring, it’s impossible not to mention contours and makeup that accentuate the face, not to mention how to use powder […]
9 January, 2023

7 makeup and hair trends that will be in vogue this spring

Thinking about the warm sunshine and fresh air of spring makes people want to try new beauty trends this spring. Makeup artist Raisa Flowers has explored […]
7 January, 2023

Taiwanese actor lost 10 kg thanks to abstaining from starch

According to Health, actor Miao Kha Le, 51, successfully lost 10 kg in 45 days thanks to abstaining from starch and actively walking and jogging.
5 January, 2023

Makeup tutorial by expert Matin Maulawizada

About the Expert: New York-based makeup artist Matin Maulawizada has done makeup for celebrities including Mandy Moore, Claire Danes and Tracee Ellis Ross. You’ll probably find […]
2 January, 2023

11 Fashion trends that will prevail this fall and winter

What are the fashion trends for this year’s fall and winter colors? What should you wear to parties at restaurants, to work and out with friends? […]
30 December, 2022

6 yoga exercises to help you relax and have a good night's sleep

Many of us find it difficult to fall asleep and sometimes toss and turn while trying to catch up on sleep. Various studies indicate that more […]
27 December, 2022

13 Y2K Beauty Trends Of K-Pop Stars

The Y2K wave has officially taken over the entire fashion and beauty trend today. Cute and colorful tunes from Seoul, Korea and music videos of popular […]
25 December, 2022

72-year-old grandmother practices all kinds of subjects to stay young

Ms. Keiko can masterly perform subjects from gymnastics, weightlifting to sexy dance, ballet, aerial ring dance, flying yoga... even though she is at an old age.
23 December, 2022

Suggest foods for each skin type

A healthy, nutritious diet is the foundation of healthy skin. Everyone has a unique skin type, partly genetic and partly environmental, and there are different foods […]
20 December, 2022

Fashion on the red carpet Met Gala 2021

The most famous faces in the fashion world arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday night for the fashion industry's party: the Met Gala.
16 December, 2022

The best hairstyles and makeup from Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week comes and goes with some of the best hair and makeup looks of the year.
13 December, 2022

Black dress with split cut officially becomes an essential outfit

Unsurprisingly, Albanian-born designer Nensi Dojaka was awarded this year. Each of her collections introduced something new to the love of vintage clothing.
10 December, 2022

The secret to regaining a neat figure of a Hong Kong singer

At the time of weighing more than 60 kg, singer Ve Lan's appearance was often discussed, causing her to try many negative ways to lose weight.
9 December, 2022

Beauty guide with vitamins and minerals to keep skin hydrated

Healthy skin on the outside reflects what the body absorbs on the inside. The nutrition that we supplement can be through diet or supplements, it can be beneficial or harmful to the body.
6 December, 2022

7 unique nail art ideas for spring 2023

Nail experts have predicted some of the hottest nail art trends for 2023. They’ve come up with some of the best tips and tricks you can […]
2 December, 2022

12 Famous stars with stylish Baggy jeans

Baggy jeans have recently become popular again. Those who researched denim collections during this period were attracted by loose clothing.
26 November, 2022

Slovak model criticized for being 'naturally perfect'

Veronika Rajek, 26, said her body was 'too dangerous' for social media because people were constantly teasing and lashing out at her.
25 November, 2022

Instructions on how to best stimulate collagen production to regenerate skin

If elastin gives elasticity to the skin, collagen gives elasticity. As we age, our bodies make less of these two proteins, leading to dry skin and […]
22 November, 2022

Instructions for shaving eyebrows

Will the eyebrows after growing back be the same as the original eyebrows? What type of razor should you use? Is eyebrow shaving cream necessary? Here, […]
18 November, 2022

7 handbags that every girl should have in her closet

From suitcase-inspired bags to luxurious leather crossbody bags, some of the upcoming handbag trends have been noticed by fans. The bags feature a lovely blend of […]
9 November, 2022

Mau Thuy diligently walks, practices yoga during pregnancy

Mau Thuy revealed that in the first 5 months, she still walked 5 km every day in her free time and maintained a yoga schedule of one hour each session with her personal trainer.
26 October, 2022

5 morning habits to help reduce excess fat

Besides diet, exercise, change a few morning habits to help reduce excess fat and maintain weight.
26 October, 2022

Habits help Taiwanese actors look young and beautiful at the age of 49

Actor Eileen Tung practices many subjects such as gym, boxing, hiking to help maintain physical health and mental balance.
26 October, 2022

Eating rules help Gillian Zhong lose 12 kg

Gillian Chung currently keeps her weight around 45.5 kg thanks to a menu without sweets, high in protein, just enough good starch and drinking lots of water during the day.