22 January, 2023

Misoa's beauty style: The MC's muse

Misoa is a petite MC with honey skin, loose curly hair and a sunny smile. Many people call her the MC's muse because of her ethereal and gentle appearance. Misoa is also a beloved beauty blogger.
12 January, 2023

The secret to being healthy and beautiful every day of the "November beauties"

Do you know what helps the beauties born in November maintain a young and beautiful body and a healthy spirit every day?
2 January, 2023

Tang Duy – The beauty of the phoenix reborn from the ashes

Overcoming the heavyweights, Thang Duy became the 43rd Best Actress in the Blue Dragon Awards for her role as Seo Rae in "Decision to Leave". This is the spectacular rebirth of the phoenix Thang Duy after 15 years of trouble.
23 December, 2022

The fierce battle between two beauties in the movie "The Little Mermaid" live action version

Dissatisfaction with a black mermaid has led the public to entice other female actors, especially Jessica Alexander, into a reluctant rivalry with Halle Bailey.
13 December, 2022

Revealing the secret of stars' lipstick

Making lipstick seems to be a simple thing, but it is not simple at all. To enhance your beauty, you need to have some special lipstick techniques on hand.
3 December, 2022

See the beauty of the "beautiful sisters" U60 Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston

What has created the "ageless" beauty and irresistible attraction of two "U60 beauties" Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston?
22 November, 2022

The timeless beauty secret of multi-talented supermodel Caitriona Balfe

Libra beauty Caitriona Balfe with the angelic beauty of the muse stepped out of the top of Olumpus, causing the press to spend a lot of ink. She started out as a model, and also achieved a lot of success in the acting field thanks to her beauty and aura.
28 October, 2022

Anti-aging secret of the 4 “first love” of Korean

How to have an ageless skin like 4 Korean muses: Kim Tae Hee, Son Ye Jin and Song Hye Kyo?
26 October, 2022

The secret behind the feverish visual of the "dinosaur rookie" NewJeans

True to the name NewJeans, which is a pun on the word "New Genes" meaning a new generation group, 5 girls aged 14-18 debuted with the official lineup from July 22, 2022, bringing a new breeze. among countless Girl Crush groups in the Kpop village.
26 October, 2022

5 popular Korean movie heroines

Are you curious about which helped the 5 prominent Korean movie heroines of 2022 "appear" to look so radiant?
26 October, 2022

Charming shoulder-length hairstyles of Asian stars

Not too short nor too long, women's shoulder-length hair not only brings sophistication, but also helps you "hack" your age effectively.
26 October, 2022

Learn Hollywood beauties how to take care of bright and smooth skin

Pocket the skin care secrets from the cult long legs of the Hollywood entertainment industry to add to the beauty dictionary of the girls.
26 October, 2022

What is special about BlackPink's diet and workout regimen before the 2022 World Tour?

4 Black Pink roses are always on the "wishlist" of the desired body of many Asian women. To prepare for this year's World Tour, the girls have always been faithful to their own secret of keeping fit to own a hot body without having to fast.
26 October, 2022

Gigi Hadid: A natural beauty symbol full of charm

Recently, Gigi Hadid has been constantly noticed by the noisy private life stories in the newspaper. After New York Fashion Week on Saturday evening (September 10, local time), Leo and Gigi went to a party hosted by Leo's friends in Manhattan. The two were captured at the moment of shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, talking intimately. This is not the first time the name Gigi Hadid has been associated with an emotional scandal. However, to evaluate objectively, that is not the only thing that this supermodel possesses.
26 October, 2022

Beauty like French lady Camille Yolaine

How to look like Parisienne even if you weren't born in Paris? Perhaps nothing more than listening, watching and learning beauty secrets from French ladies. Let's start with the muse Camille Yolaine!
26 October, 2022

The secret to keeping the youthful appearance of "ageless beauty" Yoona

Despite turning 32 years old, Im Yoona (SNSD - Girls' Generation) still retains a beautiful and youthful appearance like a teenager in her twenties.
26 October, 2022

Beautify, stay fit like Gigi Hadid and IT Models during fashion week

To always confidently walk deep catwalks, how did top supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner take care of their skin and stay in shape during the prestigious fashion week?
26 October, 2022

The secret to drinking celery juice to be as young and beautiful as Miranda Kerr

Over the age of 39, thanks to simple beauty secrets, Miranda Kerr still retains her youthful and bright beauty like the sun. Among those secrets cannot fail to mention celery juice.
26 October, 2022

Shine brightly like "Cuba rose" Ana de Armas at the age of 34

The latest incarnation of Marilyn Monroe on the screen – Ana de Armas possesses a dazzling beauty to her heart.
26 October, 2022

Beauty secrets of Libra beauties

Libra women are known as charming and beautiful, many beauties were born in this sign. Is that beauty simply natural or are they also people who are extremely focused on their appearance?
26 October, 2022

Zendaya's makeup style at Paris Fashion Week 2022

Recently, at Paris Fashion Week 2022, actress Zendaya made an impressive appearance. Let Beauty & Style 365 Magazine "decode" the makeup of actress Zendaya in this article!
26 October, 2022

Thai beauty Ranee Campen reveals the secret to keeping her beautiful figure

"Back in time to love you" is a movie that has stormed cinemas across the country. The film is a spin-off of the TV version of the same name that aired in 2018. Following the success of the TV version, the movie version not only brings the audience satisfaction, but also brings the cast's fame. enter the international arena.
26 October, 2022

Chinese stars pursue the "girl next door" makeup style

The pure and lovely look is one of the key factors in building the image of "young people in the garden" of Chinese stars such as Truong Nghe Pham, Tu Mong Khiet, Ngu Thu Han... They are classified as "girls" next door" and is loved by fans everywhere for that pure image.
26 October, 2022

Adele and the diet supposedly similar to Sirtfood

Possessing a powerful voice, friendly personality and attractive physique, this is all about Adele at the moment. Many rumors say that she has applied the Siftfood diet to get the current body.