7 December, 2022

The best natural ingredients for dry skin

If you have dry skin, whether it’s genetic, environmental, or the result of inappropriate cosmetic use, it sounds easy to fix, but you know it best. […]
30 November, 2022

Dry skin and the best way to take care of dry skin

Dry skin is a fairly common skin problem that appears at any age, regardless of male or female.
23 November, 2022

The best face masks for dry skin

Moisturizing masks can be a great addition to your skin care routine, especially in winter. Owners of dry skin may have different concerns, which is why […]
20 November, 2022

How to care for dry skin due to aging?

Dry skin due to aging – the old definition but not everyone really understands this condition thoroughly. This condition is more common in people with basic […]
16 November, 2022

6 makeup rules to remember for dry skin girls who don't eat powder

In previous articles, Beauty and Style has mentioned the perfect makeup steps for oily skin, so in this article, Paula’s Choice will dedicate a secret to […]
13 November, 2022

Experts share how to care for dry skin scientifically and effectively

Dry skin if not met with the necessary needs can become tight, even red, sensitive. More than anyone else, Paula’s Choice understands this and wants you […]
10 November, 2022

Review of the best sunscreen for dry skin today

The most important step in your skin care routine is sunscreen. Daily use of sunscreen in conjunction with other sun protection measures such as sunglasses, wide-brimmed […]
7 November, 2022

How to cure dry skin in winter without worrying about cracking

Winter is knocking on the door with the scorching sun causing the moisture in the air to decrease, leading to chapped skin. In particular, for people […]
4 November, 2022

Winter skin care routine you need to know

In winter, with the cold that penetrates the skin, the dry rays of the sun make your skin easily dry, even cracked. Especially for women with […]
1 November, 2022

Top 6 best products for dry acne skin

Caring for dry and acne-prone skin requires a special approach that nourishes the skin while cleansing it gently. Once you find the right product, your skin […]
25 October, 2022

How To Choose Sunscreen For Dry Skin

In the skin care routine, using sunscreen is extremely important and is recommended to be used at all times whether it is rain or shine. You’ve […]
25 October, 2022

Guide to choosing a professional toner for dry skin

Not only helps to balance the pH and soothe the skin, the toner also has a deep cleansing effect, removing sebum as well as dirt left […]
25 October, 2022

Why do you need to exfoliate dry skin?

Why do dermatologists often advise dry skin to exfoliate ? Do you know the answer? If not, follow Paula’s Choice Vietnam article. Right below, we’ll show […]
25 October, 2022

Instructions for choosing a safe and effective acne serum for dry skin

Many people think that using an acne serum for dry skin will make the skin even drier. In fact, with the right care, serums can become […]
25 October, 2022

Top 4 anti-aging serums for dry skin worth buying from Paula's Choice

Today’s beauty believers must be too familiar with having one to many serums in their cosmetic “treasure”. With a more concentrated formula that penetrates faster, serums […]
25 October, 2022

Experts suggest a scientific and effective dry skin care routine when changing seasons

Dry skin is most likely to turn into oily, even acne-prone skin if not moisturized in time. Taking care of dry skin has never been easy […]
25 October, 2022

Instructions for safe and effective dry skin care for pregnant women

During pregnancy, safe and scientific skin care is a problem that worries many pregnant women. Especially for those who have dry skin, moisturizing and watering is […]
25 October, 2022

Note when choosing and using toner for combination skin

Toner for dry combination skin? Toner or balancing water is a familiar skin care step for all beauty lovers. Although most toners are lightweight and liquid, […]
25 October, 2022

5 steps in how to care for dry skin in summer for healthy glowing skin

Dry skin that is not being met with its needs can become flaky, red, and even sensitive. Many people believe that the hot weather in summer […]
25 October, 2022

How to choose BHA for dry skin that you cannot ignore

BHA gradually asserts its position in the heart of the beauty-loving community with great skin care benefits such as removing dead cells, unclogging pores, supporting excellent […]