19 January, 2023

12 simple exercises for people with back pain, easy to apply at home

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4 January, 2023

What are the benefits of playing golf? 7 golden benefits for health you may not know

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22 December, 2022

Why do you feel nauseous after exercising? How to fix?

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8 December, 2022

Expert Q&A: Should you exercise after getting the COVID vaccine?

Should you exercise after getting the COVID vaccine?
29 November, 2022

Proven tips to help you sleep better at night

A good night's sleep is just as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet. Research shows that poor sleep has a negative impact on hormones, exercise performance, and brain function.
28 November, 2022

When should exercise to lose weight effectively burn fat?

Exercise is an integral part of a healthy weight loss regimen. If you are wondering what time to exercise to lose weight effectively during the day, this is the article for you.
26 November, 2022

7 fiber-rich foods to help you lose weight effectively

Fiber helps the digestive system work well, lowers cholesterol in the blood to help prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases, especially this is an important substance to help you control your weight effectively.
17 November, 2022

How many calories does a 30-minute jog burn? What to pay attention to when practicing?

Many people wonder how many calories running 30 burns to be able to plan exercise and lose weight accordingly.
11 November, 2022

[Video] 6 dance moves to reduce belly fat for a slim waist

Belly fat is always a concern of many women. In addition to abdominal exercises to reduce fat such as crunches and planks, belly fat reduction dances […]
5 November, 2022

Should I do cardio every day? When is the right time to do cardio?

Cardio training not only helps to tone and balance the body. Cardiovascular exercises also help improve the general health of the practitioner. But should you do […]
25 October, 2022

Cardio exercises for men from basic to advanced

Cardiovascular, commonly known as cardio, are exercises that increase the heart rate. Cardio exercises for men not only aid in weight loss and fat loss. Above all, cardio also strengthens the heart and lungs of the exerciser. Let's learn about cardio exercises for men through the following article!
25 October, 2022

What is Workout and Cardio? How to exercise regularly?

Forms of exercise such as workout, cardio have become familiar to us. But do you really understand what workout and cardio are? Let's find out more details through the article below.
25 October, 2022

When is the best time to jump rope to lose weight and increase fitness?

Jumping rope is an effective full-body exercise to build endurance and flexibility. Jumping rope improves cardio, muscle strength, and burns calories to aid in weight loss. So, when is the best time to jump rope?
25 October, 2022

Flying yoga makes yoga movements easier than ever

Flying yoga is a great way to increase flexibility and balance for your body. Besides the benefits that flying yoga brings to physical and mental health, this is also an interesting discipline for you to experience and explore.
25 October, 2022

Morning exercise for women to ensure a healthy body

Performing morning exercises is a habit that women should maintain. Morning exercise not only brings a healthy body, but also helps you have a more balanced physique. Moreover, morning exercise for women will bring positive energy for the new day.
25 October, 2022

9 beautiful yoga poses for beautiful photos

Yoga is a combination of physical strength and mental relaxation. Beautiful yoga poses will help you have beautiful images while practicing. The article suggests you 9 beautiful yoga poses from basic to advanced. Let's find out now.
25 October, 2022

[Video] Beautiful double yoga poses from basic to advanced

Because yoga is a discipline that requires the practitioner to have time for self-reflection and inner silence, it is often considered an activity suitable for each individual. However, you can do double yoga to build strength and increase connection. HelloBacsi would like to suggest you 9 beautiful double yoga poses from basic to advanced.
25 October, 2022

What are the benefits of running for women? Does it help to look good?

Jogging is a simple physical activity that anyone can participate in. Regular jogging properly will support effective muscle gain and fat loss. So, what are the benefits of running for women?
25 October, 2022

Should I drink water after exercising?

When exercising, we need to provide enough water for the body. Research shows you perform best when you consume between 400 and 600 ml of water before a workout. But should you drink water after exercising? If yes, what drinks should we drink after training?
25 October, 2022

How many calories should be burned in a day to be healthy?

Every day, you not only burn calories when exercising, playing sports. As soon as you move, and perform normal activities, you are still burning calories. However, how many calories should a day burn?
25 October, 2022

Swimming in hot season: Video on how to swim for healthy people

Swimming is a sport that helps to develop height effectively. Not only that, swimming styles also bring many benefits to both your health and physique. If you are wondering what type of swimming to start with? Or if you already know how to swim, but still want to conquer a new swimming style. This is definitely the article for you!
25 October, 2022

Detailed instruction video on how to swim and take note to avoid injury

How to breathe in a trickle while swimming:
25 October, 2022

How long after exercise can I shower? Should I take a hot or cold shower?

25 October, 2022

What is Pilates? The sport of keeping the shape of top stars

Pilates is a subject that is popular with many people because of its aesthetics as well as the benefits to help the body become slimmer and softer. Do you know what pilates is? What are the benefits of pilates?
25 October, 2022

Both beautiful and healthy: How long after eating to exercise?

Experts recommend that you eat a snack before exercising to recharge your body. However, some people may experience side effects when eating too close to exercise […]